Find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

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I have obtained an F permit for an event and am looking to rent a beer trailer. What do I need to know?

The minimum number of kegs or keg equivalent to rent a beer trailer (with taps, generator, kegs, delivery and pick up) is 10 kegs. The rental fee is $75 which covers the cost of delivery and pick up as well as set up by our draft department. You can send your request to rreynolds@columbusdistributing.com.

I am reaching out on behalf of a charity event and would like a donation of beer. Can CDC help?

Ohio Law prohibits us from giving away alcohol. Please contact us with the details of your event and so we can see what other way we might be able to assist you.

I want to buy draft beer but don’t want to use a Party Pump. Is there a different option?

We rent Jockey Boxes and cO2 with advanced notification. Prices are variable so you will need to send your request to rreynolds@columbusdistributing.com. A Jockey Box is a mobile mini draft system. Here is a video to explain how they work.

I recently got my liquor permit and want to sell beer that you distribute. How do I get started?

New accounts can be set up here.

Where can I buy something with a beer logo or design on it?

All beer-branded merchandise is available through https://www.shopbeergear.com/.

I have a product I would like you to distribute. Who do I contact?

You can submit your info here.

Who is my account manager and how do I contact them?

You can find your account manager through your BEES App on the Account tab “Show Wholesaler Contact” or you can call 614-318-1502 and inquire.

I need to speak to someone. Who can I reach out to?

You can contact us with a concern or question, or call us directly at 614-318-1502.

I want to order online. How can I do this?

You can order online through our BEES Portal. You will need a recent invoice or you can go here Columbus Distributing – Licensed Accounts